ABOUT   B.M.Aggarrwal Developer

B M Aggarrwal Developer are renowned creators of opulent spaces. Backed by a strong bequest  that reach over a decade, Our  development company is  control by First generation entrepreneurs who have sculpture a cranny for themselves in the world of real estate.


The management combines a seasoned team of professionals with expertise in real estate, infrastructure & construction.Standing true to their core values of integrity, inclusion, equality and excellence with a steadfast financial perspective and revolutionary vision. BM Aggarrwal developer have already delivered projects spanning 4 million sq. ft.(combined) in the residential and commercial sectors. 

Behind the creation is a vision that challenges the standard notions of thining, materials, design and architecture. Often, these structures carve more than just the lifestyles and environments of the people living in them; they carve the future blueprints of entire city of Delhi, Rohini in particular in coming future. At B M Aggarrwal Developers, it is our constant endeavor to transform the city with every building of ours. When we consolidate amusement parks and swimming pools into our  model, it’s not just to offer our client better service , but to offer their children better childhoods.

When we impel ourselves to find inventive solutions, it is not so much to save price , as it is to save our nature.

As a developer, Team B M Aggarrwal Developer has always believed that form follows function. This is visible in every aspect of our design and the way we plan homes. B M Aggarrwal Developer also lays special importance on the values of its homes and expects everyone in the team to follow the rule of 'Better, not cheaper'. We discern that buying of a home is more than just a deal ; it is the  appreciation of an important dream.



B M Aggarrwal Developer also believes in giving back to the society within which we function and our education initiatives are one of many steps we’ve taken in this direction.


 By recognize budding, giving everyone equal chance and raise talent, we’re helping generate the next generation of leaders.



Mission & Vision :

Developing a better tomorrow for a reviving urban India.

B M Aggarrwal Developer will strive to transform lives by nurturing a passionate entrepreneurial culture to bring  the highest standards in all of its actions.


Our core values as a company embody Equality, Excellence, Teamwork, Customer Focus & Inclusion and Integrity.